Interior House Painting

If its touch-ups you want done on the interior of your home just before you sell, or to a full internal repaint of a house you have just purchased, Carl Gadsby Painting can provide you with the painting service you require to fit within your budget.  

Carl knows the importance of right surface preparation and paint finishes especially when you have a few little ones running around bumping into walls and leaving dirty finger prints everywhere. It is for this reason we use only premium washable paints on the inside of your home.

We can also use low VOC paint, particularly when there are asthmatics in the house. Low VOC means the paint has low odour and at the same time is friendlier for the environment.


We offer the following internal house painting services:

  • Feature walls
  • Repaints of ceilings, walls and woodwork
  • Painting of new surfaces - plasterboard, raw timber, renders walls
  • Touch ups
  • Restoration and repairs
  • Wall paper removal
  • Water damage repairs
  • Airless spraying
  • Painting of furniture
  • Painting of kitchen cupboards
  • Flaking/peeling repairs
  • Varnishing of timber
  • Staining of timber


  Basic internal house painting preparation:

  • Cover floors and furniture with clean drop sheet
  • Masking tape all light fittings, doors fittings, switches etc where necessary
  • Stop all water stains, pencil and pen marks on surfaces with stain sealer
  • Mould found on surfaces to be treated with BC-36
  • Sand down all surfaces
  • Remove all dust and dirt made from sanding
  • Undercoat any bare timber
  • Fill all cracks with no-more-gaps
  • Fill any imperfections with appropriate filler
  • Remove any paint splatters found on windows after painting
  • Vacuum carpet and sweep floors after completion of works



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